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High beams aimed directly at you (as you are driving) at night. HeadlightsBlinding. Dangerous.

Most drivers are courteous and turn them off as soon as they see an oncoming vehicle’s headlights on the horizon. I, too, am like that. As soon as I see those lights, I switch mine to low.

Every so often at least one vehicle on the oncoming side will leave their beams on all the time. Even after you courteously flash to let them know their lights are blinding you. But lately it seems that more drivers leave them on, especially in deer country.

This happened to me one night. I was in the mountains of Oregon. It was a moonless dark night, it was snowing and the roads were curvy. It was also late and only a few drivers were out on the road. I admit I was also a bit tired but not ready to call it a night. I was rounding a curve when I saw the lights. Even at that distance, the lights were bright. We were nearing each other and the lights were getting bigger and brighter. As they drew nearer, I flashed them. Nothing. I had a difficult time seeing the curve and was irritated that the driver didn’t turn off the high beams. Didn’t they know the lights were blinding? I flashed them again. Nope, brighter than ever. I flashed to no avail. It was not until the road angled again and they passed by that I figured out the reason they didn’t dim the lights.



Ready for it?



Did you guess?



train-lights WEB
I had been flashing a TRAIN. Boy, did I feel silly! I can only imagine what the conductors were thinking of me and chuckling! Let’s just say, after that, I called it a night and took the next rest area.

-written by Miriam Hoffmaster

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