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Meet Todd aka Graeman

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Miriam and Todd

My wife, Miriam, and I are the owners of Graeman but I am the sole driver.  As a youngster, I lived with my family throughout different states ranging from Illinois to California and eventually settling in South Carolina where I graduated from Wren High.

Blackhawk helicopter Afghanistan Military

Riding in Blackhawk (Afghanistan)

After (high school) graduation, I enlisted in the United States Air Force, serving 20 years.  Of those 20 years, I was in medical logistics for 10, then in Red Horse (combat engineering) for 3, ending with 7 years in air transportation.  Similar to many other military personnel, I was stationed stateside and overseas.  I also deployed several times with the last one being in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) before retiring in 2004.

After retirement, my wife and I moved from San Antonio, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona where I obtained an HVAC certification.  I was a property manager of a private residence for 3 years before I decided to pursue one of my childhood dreams.  I became a police officer.

Police officer

Police Academy graduation

As much as I enjoyed being a cop and serving the public, it was short lived as my values conflicted with the role.

I returned to HVAC for a few more years but envisioned my own business in which I could travel with my vehicle being “my office”.  Graeman was established in November 2013.

I enjoy meeting new people as I believe in “a stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet”.  I am grateful to be a small part of making my client’s dreams come true.  The vehicles I transport represent a dream come true whether it is a cherished family vehicle, a brand new vehicle being given as a gift, or a much longed for restoration project, just to name a few.  Each vehicle has its own unique story evoking a range of emotions.  I treasure the shared stories as I take a little part of them along with me.



I enjoy spending time with my son, Nick, off-roading, riding motorcycles, shooting, camping, fishing and metal detecting.

Our pledge is to provide exceptional care and service delivering your property in a timely manner.

Our aspiration is to have you as a patron for years to come.

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Todd and Miriam Hoffmaster
Graeman, LLC

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